Remember Jana and Baby Oil? Unfortunately, Oil Lost His Battle Due to Parvo and Blood Parasite
  • 28.04.2023
  • 484

Poor Mama Jana and Baby Ooil! There were found in a critical state of malnourished and starved to death. During the first week in the vet, they responded well to the medicine. Baby Ooil had a good appetite and he ate a lot. But the second week, he tested positive for parvo and blood parasite. His body is not responding to the medicine. They gave him all the best loving care but fortunately, little Ooil didn't make it. Little Ooil passed away peacefully but his mama Jana is now doing great. Jana is now healthy and she gains a lot of weight. She's strong and she will be cared for and loved for the rest of her life. Keep her in your prayer and share her story.

Anguished mother dog wails for wounded baby. Sweetest reunion!
  • 28.04.2023
  • 693

This happy-ending story began as one of the saddest, when a mother dog cried out in anguish, seeming to beg us to help her badly wounded baby. She didn't stop trying desperately to communicate as we gently lifted her puppy who had two deep wounds and placed him in the ambulance. We couldn't bring her along because she had 4 other babies to watch over. We would try our best to save her sweetheart and bring him home, and how we wished and hoped she would somehow understand. Her little one was so brave, and never struggled throughout his wound dressings. But he had a lingering problem: the wounds hurt him so badly he couldn't walk for several days. We weren't sure if the nerve damage was permanent. But Toggle was comforted throughout the days of his healing, and while we fell in love with his incredibly sweet nature, we knew there was someone very important waiting for him back home. Watch this incredible reunion of Toggle and his family. And please donate, so that families who need each other won't be torn apart.

Impaled by a rod, dog in agony before rescue--beautiful recovery.
  • 27.04.2023
  • 4373

Neighbors spotted a beautiful dog laying by a rod in a construction site. When they came closer they saw to their horror that the rod had pierced through her thigh and she had impaled her. She couldn't get free no matter how she struggled. They called Animal Aid to the rescue, and we quickly arranged for workers to come with an electric metal saw. The terrified dog had to endure terrifying sounds of the saw against the metal, but we covered comforted her while the rod was cut and we were able to free her. Her wound was serious but because no bones had broken, we were able to clean, bandage and protect her with antibiotics. After her ordeal, she needed extra love to find the courage she would need to heal.

Mama Dog and Her Puppies Rescued from Flooded Rooftop
  • 23.01.2023
  • 842

There is a heavu flood in Thailand. Manu villagers' houses were in flood. There are many dogs and cats who risk their lives living on the rooftop. The owner moved to a safe place but theu could not take their pets with them. It's so heartbreaking. Rescuers have come up to these 7 puppies and their mama. The puppies almost drowned in the flood. They passed the puppies and mama dog to Yarn Foundation for medication and fostering. Massive thanks to ANTIY RRUzauwarí dius and the fellow rescue team for saving this poor family.

Dachshund hates Happy Birthday Song!!!
  • 21.11.2022
  • 875

This was hilarious!! I personally hate the birthday song too, but I just hide from the family when they sing it. ;)

This puppy, who was helped after days, burst into tears after helping
  • 14.11.2022
  • 767

This puppy, who was helped after days, burst into tears after helping

you gave birth there to raise your offspring, you need a good life too
  • 11.11.2022
  • 672

this beautiful dog had to give birth to her puppies there and is trying to take care of them

They play mini dachshund and sweet kitty. Cute puppy and sweet kitty are having a lot of fun. It's great that they spend time together.
  • 08.11.2022
  • 1141

Dachshund and kitty are having so much fun. It's fun to watch kitty and puppy play. The friendship of the beautiful kitty and the beautiful puppy is legendary.

How impressive are the sounds of wild animals, these cute animals, have you seen the sweet elephant?
  • 06.11.2022
  • 616

A video made of the sounds of wild animals, animals are very impressive. There are few things as interesting as listening to them and watching them, animals work miracles. As much as animals, their voices are enough to impress people, elephants, horses, dogs are wonderful.

what a difficult situation the dog whose friend died is preparing a grave for her
  • 30.10.2022
  • 1042

we watch a golden who loves her loyal friend and puts her in her grave

Dancing dog! The sweet puppy dances to the music. I think the puppy got into the music. Dancing to the music makes dogs happy Very fun puppy.
  • 14.10.2022
  • 1316

The beautiful puppy dances to the music and has a lot of fun. Dancing is very important to him. The music is being prepared and the puppy is dancing. It's great to dance to the music. Puppy loves to dance. Dancing entertains the puppy. Listening to music and dancing are very good activities. The cute puppy has combined music and dancing and is having a great time.

How a mother dog anxiously waits for her puppies to be brought out of the rubble, worried about the puppies.
  • 12.10.2022
  • 1215

This frantic mother dog's love of her puppies has her digging with paws, biting at stones and tearing at the rubble to free her buried babies who are trapped after a house collapsed in the rain. When Animal Aid's rescuers arrived, they feared the puppies might not be alive, but their Mama must have been able to hear them or sense that they were still alive and she was determined to tell us so. Every minute was precious and she seemed to realize that they could suffocate at any moment. You'll never forget this incredible portrait of a blissful rescue and a mother's unstoppable love.

Little kitties and little puppies are having fun together and playing games. Isn't it great for kitties and puppies to spend time together?
  • 06.10.2022
  • 1283

Little puppies and kitty spending time together. Little kitties and little puppies are having fun together and playing games. The friendship of cats and dogs with each other is very beautiful. These sweet little friends are very precious just like us. The little puppy and the sweet kitty are very happy to grow up together. They are very happy to have fun with our sweet friends. Sweet kitty is like the big sister of the little puppies.

The sweet puppy, who does activities with his owner, accompanies his owner while doing sports, spending time outside, sitting, and even gives a drink from the refrigerator. This sweet puppy loves his owner very much and is very happy with him. Puppy sen
  • 03.10.2022
  • 690

The sweet puppy is doing sports with her owner, walking, having fun, helping with the housework, even bringing him a drink when his owner is tired. The sweet puppy is very happy to do the things his owner does and be with his owner. The sweet puppy loves to sleep with his owner and do nice activities with him. Doesn't sweet doggy seem to love sports? She looks so happy and peaceful.

We took the puppy who was left on the street to our house, how she behaves innocently when she enters.(dişil)
  • 22.09.2022
  • 812

we invited this innocent pup to our house, how many innocent puppies behave when they enter the house, we washed them, cleaned them, let's protect these beauties

rescuing abandoned kitten on the street brovo you
  • 22.09.2022
  • 680

rescuing abandoned kitten on the street brovo you

the beauty and sweetness of kittens makes people happy
  • 21.09.2022
  • 963

the beauty and sweetness of kittens makes people happy