Merry Christmas from our mini dachshund Mac
  • 08.03.2024
  • 1620

Oh dear, a priceless first Christmas ?? I love his red w white sweater and his gold crown ? Nice knitting, Mac’s Mom. Thank you, Merci for sharing his first Christmas w us ?? Oh, and love the knitted king’s crown!! You rule Mac. Thank you for brightening Christmas Day!! ❤

  • 03.03.2024
  • 2078

Life for Theo just got a lot more interesting ?! WAY cool how they play together (safely)! It's much better to introduce them while young. Enjoy your new sideshow Oh le petit bouchon de chat ! Vous allez la garder ? Mon premier teckel adorait les chats. J'espère que Théo l'aimera aussi. Je ne pense pas qu'il lui fasse du mal. En général les chiens ont conscience de l'état de bébé. A surveiller. J'ai hâte de les voir tous les deux ensembles....??? ???! Thanx for the video!

Second day of Christmas with 2 Mini Dachshunds. Grandma came to visit.
  • 22.02.2024
  • 1662

Second day of Christmas. Then we usually go 'gourmetten'. I don't actually know the English name for it. All dishes (usually meat) that everyone prepares with their own pan. It was also a nice day for my mother. She cuddled a lot with Loulou & Coco. And Fred hasn't had a good Christmas/winter beer yet. We have 2 more beers to try. xxx Eveline

Guy Finds Hermit Crabs Living In Plastic And Offers Them New Shells | The Dodo
  • 22.02.2024
  • 1215

These hermit crabs in Okinawa, Japan are living in plastic they find on the beaches because of shell over-collection. This man has started a hermit crab conservation project to help remove trash and offer them new shell homes. He even carves sweet messages on the shells for whoever may find them! They immediately drop the trash shell. I love this. It's so sad what we are doing to nature. Bless you my man!

Mini Dachshunds and their animal friends compilation.
  • 20.02.2024
  • 1563

This year has gone by so quickly. It seems the older you get, the faster it goes. A short compilation of the year with the music from our 'Family Diary' by Ikson. I wish you a wonderful New Year's Eve. Of course we will share ours with you again. xxx Eveline

Playtime with Dachshunds & Bengal Cat.
  • 18.02.2024
  • 1492

Mimi’s eyes are gorgeous! I love how Loulou, Coco and Mimi all play together and get on so well. I think they’re even trying to get you to join in. I loved Mimi’s cheeky pat on Loulou’s bottom! ?? Oh my goodness! How cute! Everyone playing so well together! I could watch them play all day!! So much fun and free entertainment!!❤ Pets provide sooo much joy to our lives! Thank you Eveline for sharing Lou Lou, Coco, and Mimi with all of us!!?

Real Mukbang:) How to make kimchi! ? (Cold radish kimchi, cucumber kimchi) ☆ Japchae, Braised eggs
  • 13.02.2024
  • 1417

Real Mukbang:) How to make kimchi! ? (Cold radish kimchi, cucumber kimchi) ☆ Japchae, Braised eggs

Our naughty prairie dog Poppy ?
  • 07.02.2024
  • 2311

Our prairie dog Poppy is always cheeky but we can't help sharing the cute moments! Furry Tails is the home of heartwarming and insightful stories about animals. Naughty she may be, but also such a sweet pea. No matter how bad my mood maybe, I always have a smile for Poppy.

Mini dachshund's 1st time traveling on a train
  • 04.02.2024
  • 4424

This past weekend, we traveled with our miniature dachshund Mac to Quebec City, Canada. It was Mac's first time riding the train, and he did great :)

  • 01.02.2024
  • 2346

Hello my lovelies! This week's video is one that I've been working on for a while and I'm so excited to show you! My mom is the amazing breeder of these little puppies and I just get to show all of the cutest bits of them growing up! Follow the instagram page? I hope you guys like it! Leave me a comment. ? Seeing you cry at the end when the last puppy left for it’s new home tells shows us how much you care about the puppies. Thank you for taking the time to film and edit this video. It gives us Yorkie seeking owners a look into the amount of time you as the breeder families put into each litter. Thank you!

  • 30.01.2024
  • 2222

I absolutely love that switch from having the house be the safe cozy location and the attic the dangerous spooky one to essentially flip 180° once the protagonist looks down the ladder. That's super unique and I appreciate the short for that alone Love it. "Where there is no imagination, there is no horror" - Arthur Doyle. Keep up the good work!

Rooster Sprints To His Wife Every Single Morning | The Dodo
  • 28.01.2024
  • 2375

Imagine someone being this happy to see you every day ❤. Margaret is a woman of means owning her own property. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and that night-time apart makes this morning reunion so much sweeter. Margaret ❤Steve forever ? Margaret and Steve are beautiful! I have had chickens and a rooster. At night the girls would lay down and he would spread his wings over them--their blanket. Margaret's and Steve's affection for each other remind me of how fascinating and loving animals can be. Thank You for sharing. God Bless❤❤❤ Little guy was actually standing on his tiptoes trying to see in the side window. So freaking adorable! I love his love for her. Just so sweet! ❤

Dog Has Been Running In Circles For Four Years
  • 22.01.2024
  • 3527

Dog who spent 4 years running in circles at the shelter finds a mom as energetic as him – now they train for marathons together and she even sneaks him into the big race to run alongside her.

This Tiny Primate Is The World's Cutest Animal | The Dodo
  • 15.01.2024
  • 2969

This little creature turns into the most adorable fluff ball in just a couple of months ??

Mini dachshund and tiny kitten eat together
  • 14.01.2024
  • 3670

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Terrified Dog Transforms When She Meets Her Soulmate | The Dodo
  • 24.12.2023
  • 2040

Aww, I've never seen a puppy so scared and yet so submissive, she has fouund her perfect human and that is you. May you have many joyful years together. Thank you for loving her!❤️ Thank you for saving the sweet dog and giving her the respect and compassion that she needed.❤❤❤❤?????????❤

Ep 11. Crusoe and the Magic Lamp - (Cute & Funny Wiener Dog as Aladdin!)
  • 19.12.2023
  • 1168

In this episode, Crusoe the dachshund as #Aladdin is wandering about the desert, searching for the long-lost magic lamp. Finally he stumbles upon it, digging it out of the sand. Of course to open up the genie, he has to lick it - and low and behold, out comes the weenie genie! Played by Oakley of course! The genie dog offers Crusoe 3 wishes. Two wishes are spent right away haphazardly on food, which the genie shakes his head at. And the third wish, Crusoe wants to go home so wants an Uber. But there's no Uber in the desert - only BANANA BUBER! The magic carpet with Abu the monkey, in this case once again played by Oakley, arrives to take Crusoe home! My wife heard me laughing from down the hall and the first thing she said " Are you watching a Crusoe video? " She knows me so well! Love me some Crusoe and Oakley!! Best costume.. well all of them are great but the Aladdin pants on Crusoe are so adorable with the hat and vest. And the Weenie genie Oakley is pawfect.. another great start to my Sunday with a Crusoe an Oakley video.. ? ? ? ? ?Will Crusoe be making a clothing line ??? I’d buy from it for my guy Buck..

Woman Rescues Eel Swimming Upside Down At Pet Store | The Dodo Foster Diaries
  • 17.12.2023
  • 1869

Sad eel rescued from pet store is thrilled when his foster mom figures out his favorite food! Lazarus’s water conditions were obviously wrong and changing it to the correct salinity saved his life, thank you Small saltwater tanks are notoriously difficult to keep at the exact right parameters so she did REALLY well getting it all set up and maintained for this little guy I was shocked to find that this particular species of eel can live to be 30 YEARS old! Good for her, I wish there were more people like her in the world. What a sweetheart. She's so empathetic she picked up on and cared for a strange and "uncute" creature like Laz. You make me happy. It's wonderful that you noticed and helped this little creature. You make the world a better place. Pet stores are usually not the best place for animals. They are rarely ever kept in proper conditions and their stress levels are pretty high all the time. Thanks for saving the eel. You took the time to do some research on what kind of environment he needed and supported him until he came around. Good on ya! And Lazarus is a good name for him. Man, pet shops are hard on dangerous animals. It’s quite cruel that they hold such animals in such a confined location their WHOLE LIVES on the hope someone would buy them which is rarely the case. Wonderful that she saw this little guy and saved him. Most would think twice about helping an eel. He was clearly suffering.