1st month after birth ? Fights without the rules of sugary drinks
  • 13.03.2024
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Cats are 1 month old. This video features kittens named Yupi, Cola, Fanta, Pepsi and Sprite. These sweet drinks made fights without rules

Poor mother cat worried thinking we stole her kittens!
  • 10.03.2024
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Poor mother cat worried thinking we stole her kittens! In today's heartwarming video, we visited our favorite park to feed the adorable squirrels. Little did we know, our day took an unexpected turn when we spotted a white cat we had never seen before. She seemed hungry and lost. As we approached the cat, she dashed away from us, but our curiosity led us to follow her. To our surprise, we discovered that she was a mama cat with precious kittens hidden somewhere in the park. Determined to help, we embarked on a mission to find and rescue her kittens. After a thrilling chase, we finally located the kittens, and they were as cute as can be! One by one, they came out of the bushes, not afraid of us but in need of care and love. We spent much time making sure we don't leave any, and luckily, we found a third kitten in the bushes. We couldn't leave them to fend for themselves, so we made the decision to bring them into our home. Now, these sweet kittens are part of our family, enjoying a safe and loving environment. We provide them with nourishing meals and all the care they need.

Woman Rescues Two Squirrels And Now They Visit Her Everyday|
  • 05.03.2024
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That is the sweetest most adorable thing I've ever seen. The fact that the siblings still continued to go back and see their rescuers is amazing. Oh my gosh what a privilege! Thank you for supporting them when they needed you most ♡

OH lawd have mercy ? | Now that's a CAT
  • 05.03.2024
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Fat shaming is not ok Ms 108lbs. Would you talk to a human client that way. Making one comment is bad but you kept doing it. Shame one you for acting that way. If I were his owners I'd be truly offended by your hurtful remarks. What’s hilarious, Frances, is that if she hadn’t weighed the cat, discussed it’s seemingly unhealthy size and even posted her weight holding Brian etc…there’d be someone…maybe even YOU…that would complain, or suggest it. I do not understand the constant need to criticize content creators for THEIR content. No need to announce your departure if you don’t like a viewpoint or video. It’s odd. She wouldn't talk to a human client (going in for a groom) that way, because they're a human. I could see people identifying with the cat though in sense. Sometimes people have a lot of fun with these types of comments, and one might wonder if it could be representative of their views and treatment of fat humans, too, since in both cases it's still overweightness. But just talking about the being fat itself, with humans there's a lot of psychological and societal elements that come into play, which is very different from Big Brian's situation, and makes them far less likely to joke about that (or want to joke about that), because then unlike with Brian, it ceases to be light-hearted, non-serious/non-hurtful fun with no victims (unless it's uploaded and one identifies with the cat, but such a viewer should probably try to, not). Brian on the other hand is a cat, and is just a large fella because and he's fed a lot of food (which should really be addressed), and he's (ACTUALLY) big boned, and I don't know if he takes certain medication or something. Over 99 times out of a hundred, the owners of such cats are also going to be saying that he's a porky lad, and pretending that their back has blown out on them when they lift him up. I do wonder if she asks permission to potentially dunk on their pets, though lol. I imagine so. Brian got roasted (not alluding to his resemblance to a thanksgiving turkey). @GirlWithTheDogs Yes, but it says you think fat is shameful. It's not a stretch to tell how you might feel about fat people. And frankly, if the client wants anyone shamed, it should be themselves. They are the ones who feed him, and the responsibility is on them to keep the food quantities small, and his siblings foods away from him. If the other cats are normal weight, then put their food on a high table or counter b/c Brian will be too heavy to get to it. If Brian doesn't have a metabolic problem, then that should work. If they haven't had him tested for thyroid, diabetes, or other diseases that cause slow metabolism, they should. Jackson Galaxy found this to often be an under-diagnosed problem in cats. And I don't see how fat shaming a cat would work. Do they think the cat understands what is being said? What they should be focused on is how the extra weight isn't good for their pets health. I regret to write b/c otherwise, I really enjoy you sharing these videos. I find them very relaxing to watch, and your personality otherwise, is delightful. Your regular commentary is entertaining enough without resorting to words people have been regularly fat shamed with. You seem like a very nice person. I'm sure you don't want to offend people who struggle with weight and metabolic problems. Thanks!

A family of cats drink milk side by side
  • 25.02.2024
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Always great to see Mimi, Coco, Kiki and Lili all together drinking their milk along with Owner Dad being there watching over them and taking care of them, Thank You.??::

Guy Rescues Duckling Families Every Year
  • 16.02.2024
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These ducks nested on the 9th floor of a building, 150 feet away from water. The navy veteran that lived there thought of an ingenious plan to save the ducklings. Year after year, the ducks came back to nest on his balcony, and he has now saved about 50 ducklings! This is called 'Making a Difference in the World' tiny little duckling at a time. My kind of people. So happy to see Operation Mallard was such a success! Captain Dad led his TROOPS in an amphibious attack on the lake, where Mrs. Mallard took over. Nobody was lost or left behind. Once they learn to fly, they will transition to an airborne unit. We thank you for your service.

How Mini Dachshunds & Bengal Cat spend most of their time. Snuggle together.
  • 12.02.2024
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The wild play adventures with Loulou, Coco & Mimi are always short. Most of the day they hardly move (besides the walks) and they sleep together. They are so adorable. xxx Eveline

Pikachu and Teddy are ready to go on a date ?
  • 06.02.2024
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Pikachu and Teddy are ready to go on a date ?

The little kitten is friends with the duckling .Very sweet
  • 19.01.2024
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The little kittens is friends with the duckling. Very sweet

The facial features of Lili's kittens are becoming a little clearer.
  • 10.01.2024
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All four kittens seem to have inherited Coco's bold facial markings. One of the lighter kittens and one of the darker ones have a halo, like Mocha. At least two of them seem to be male. Is there a female kitten as well? They all look healthy. Lili is clearly a good mother, and Coco is watching over all his family. I'm so happy he met his grandchildren by Lili before he passed away. Only Mimi seems not to care about her grandchildren. Maybe she does, and we didn't get to see her interact with them. What a gorgeous family they are! ?????

  • 05.01.2024
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I’ve never seen a brown cat until I saw my neighbours cat, truly beautiful, I’m guessing they’re a bit rare? I have an oriental Havana brown named Forrest. He is friendly, only once he warms up to you. Quiet and reserved. He has the longest legs and the most beautiful face. We love him. My Havana brown kitty is The best kitty ever.ive had her ever since she was 3weeks old,she is 11 years old and Daddy's Girl..she is So just my kitty she tolerates my wife but she Can be so sweet but she is The chocolate devil(cocoa deiablo)

Cat Does Parkour Off Woman's Face Every Time She Tries To Do Yoga! | The Dodo
  • 30.12.2023
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Demon cat won't leave her mom alone — so she gets her a stuffed capybara sibling and she has the cutest reaction ?❤️ A very high energy cat. I'm glad this lady is responsible for her situation, and understands that living in a one-bedroom apartment is too small for her, and a potential second cat. This lady gives a lot of love, is smart about her situation, and manages to have time for herself with her yoga and meditation; she's making it work, and I applaud her for giving so much, and giving herself as much care to silence all of the distractions. I had a Siamese just like Bean. She played fetch, walked on a leash, would get carried away with play-fighting and treat me like a chew toy, carry her toys around in her mouth, jump from the floor to my shoulder wanting me to carry her around, growled at strangers, and she would sleep on my chest with her front legs wrapped around my neck. I felt she was like a dog in a cat’s body. She lived to Bean is precious ?Thank you for rescuing her and for being a responsible human and not getting a second cat if you’re not ready. It is a BIG responsibility and many people don’t take it seriously, it is a 20 year responsibility ??‍⬛?????????? be 16. I miss her. I would be obsessed with her. She’s such a cute and characterful cat and like you said she loves your attention and gives back so much love. When her face was relaxing next to yours she probably loves the feel of your warm breathing on her. She’s something special as you too for saving her. You both are special and she’ll keep you healthy as you must be in cooey mode around her all the time. Thanks for posting ?

Experts Weigh In On Harambe's Last Moments
  • 28.12.2023
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This gorilla was killed after a child fell into his enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo, but people are still wondering what happened between them during his last moments. Behavior experts are weighing in on the spotty video of Harambe. He did a better job at keeping the kid safe than the parents ever could This still makes me cry. He was protecting the little boy and he died due to irresponsible parents. ? It breaks my heart. RIP Harambe. The Gorilla kept the child close to him. Something that his parents didn't do. I absolutely HATE it when something like this happens and the parent says, "I only looked away for a second." If you want to look around a place like a zoo with a child, strap them into a stroller and stop having animals killed because you are, in short, neglectful. My parents always took us to place like zoos, wildlife, etc. in the 50s and 60s...SIX of us. But they had rules. And they enforced them. And we were disciplined instead of fawned and coddled. And we learned. After all these years I only found out now that this is why he died. I think the way he dragged the child was worrying and I cannot say what happened afterwards but from what I can see he was taking care of him the best way he knew how. This is horrible that it has to end like this for such a beautiful animal! Humans: drop their children in a gorilla enclosure Gorilla: doesn't hurt child. Humans: a crime punishable by death All Harambe did save and take care of the kid. It is so unfair that he was killed for doing justice when it is actually the parents fault for not taking care of their kid properly. I hope all the people who decided to kill Harambe suffer for the rest of their lives. Rest in peace, Harambe. You are a hero. We will never forget you.

?Cats Doing Cat Things?
  • 26.12.2023
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Omg so usually cats hate water haha but I had a cat who LOVED it! When I was in the bath lol it would just jump in the tub with me, or randomly just sit on the stairs on our pool and relax haha ❤ Cats are doing cat things: they salute, they hate to be wet, they are puffy, very puffy. They like hunting for ants, they still hate being wet, thry like to form cat ceptions, but most importantly, they c u t e

A 70-day journey from a stray, heavily pregnant cat on the street to a mother and 6 beautiful kittens!
  • 23.12.2023
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What a contrast to how things would have turned out if u wonderful people hadn't rescued her.I wouldn't want to think of her and her babies left on their own on the streets.Many blessings to all who saved them! The love of God is truly in your hearts.??✝️???

"Why are there two?" - father cat meets a foster cat, mother cat explains to him who he is.
  • 22.12.2023
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"Why are there two?" - father cat meets a foster cat, mother cat explains to him who he is. Daddy cat knows he has a kitten. However, the mother cat adopted a kitten that was left motherless. Mother cat brought papa cat to meet this kitten and explain to him who he is. Dad: “Hey! This second kid looks nothing like me!” Mom: “It wasn’t me! It just appeared in the basket!” Dad: “sure it did.” Mom to humans: “you guys are getting me in trouble! But I’m keeping the kid.”

HOW DOES Pinky kitten GROW? 0-6 Months! ? BEFORE & AFTER
  • 20.12.2023
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HOW DOES Pinky kitten GROW? 0-6 Months! ? BEFORE & AFTER

Kitten Shows Up On Couple's Boat And Stays Forever | The Dodo
  • 18.12.2023
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Kitten shows up on this couple's boat and never leaves — except to greet everyone who sets foot on the harbor ? My grandfather was a lobster fisherman in the Florida Keys and he had a boat cat named Tio, and that's what Tio did. Every morning he went out with my abuelo to check the traps, eating fresh fish, getting sun on the upper deck. They even had a little raincoat made for him. He was also the official harbor/fishhouse cat, they put his picture in their calendar every year. Their silliness just put smiles on owner's faces. What People don't know is cats are lucky charm and extending people's lives by living with cats. They are very thoughtful. Please take care of ALL cats. I just lost my cat, Big Boy to cancer. It kills me thinking how thoughtful he was during his last days. I would gave days and years of my life to extend his days and years of life. Fred was meant to be a family member. He may have supervised boats at the dock, but he chose you. He is so proud and prancing with holding something in his mouth. I think he was taken with the beauty, mystery, and adventure of living on a boat. He is so adorable. Wish all of u happy travels. Be safe ❤